MR. STEEL Multi-Purpose Food Processor-Blender- Yam Pounder 3L

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4 stainless steel blades 3 Litres High-grade plastic cup
Do you love taking pounded yam? This amazing kitchen tool can turn boiled yam into pounded yam and quickly chop, blend, mince or slice a variety of ingredients such as meat, onions, garlic, nuts, fruits, and vegetables into tiny pieces in seconds! It saves time and is a must-have for every home. Can turn boiled yam into pounded yam in seconds, Can chop, mince or slice potatoes, tomatoes, onions, meat, vegetables, and fruits in seconds.
HOW TO USE Step 1: Thoroughly clean the cup and knife before using the product for the first time.Step 2: Cut the meat, onions, or fruits, yam into 1-2cm pieces. Put the meat (without the bones and skin), boiled yam, vegetables or fruits inside the bowl. The total amount should not exceed half of the total capacity of the bowl otherwise, it will affect the blending and the service life of the product.Step 4: Please note that the continuous working time should not exceed 20 seconds. That is, switch it off after 10-20 seconds, allow it to rest for a very few seconds and then switch it back on. Step 3: After plugging in, press and hold on to the switch machine for it to turn on and start working. If you release your hands, it will switch off or stop working.Step 5: After the blending or processing is completed, switch it off. When the blade stops rotating, remove the main unit, open the cover, take out the blade, and take out the ingredients with a spoon.

1. Electric meat grinders and twisting machines cannot be used to blend dry hard food such as beans and rice.

2. It’s required that you switch it off for 3-5 seconds after every continuous working time of 10-20 seconds. This method is beneficial to extend the life of the product.
Can turn your cook yam to pounded yam

Can blend your fruits, meat and vegetables within seconds

Can mix and blend your baby food

Has 4 sharp and detachable stainless steel blades Has a 3 Litres capacity bowl

Has a powerful and durable motor that produces low noise

Built with a safety design, press down to start and automatically reset

Easy to clean and all removable parts are dishwasher safe

Made of food-grade material and stainless steel blades

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MR. STEEL Multi-Purpose Food Processor-Blender- Yam Pounder 3L

22,867.7431,762.50 (-28%)

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