Milo Food Drink Refill 400g



Nestle Milo Chocolate Beverage is a malted chocolate flavor and has a extra texture. When combined with cold milk, it retains the gritty texture of its raw state. Milo when stirred into steamed milk or hot water creates something similar to hot chocolate or cocoa.

Starting your morning with a hot cup of cocoa is something we’re all familiar with. These yummy chocolatey food drinks fill us up and give us the energy and nutrients to go about our busy days. When the cocoa powder melts into the hot water and we stir it up, we know our day is off to a great start. At GoMarket, we love our hot chocolate and we know you do too. Milo is a rich and powdered formulation of chocolate extracts, malted barley, solid milk, sugar, vegetable oil aggregates (palm oil, palm olein, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, whey, corn oil, soya oil) and ACTIGEN-E. The price is affordable relative to the mix of ingredients. Tasty and trusted, Milo brand is the worlds leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. It offers essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutrition and energy demands of young bodies and minds. This helps you concentrate better and longer in the class, and keeps you feeling energetic even after school. 

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